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Boat House Solar Lighting Kit

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Boat House Solar Lighting Kit

Lake Lifter's Boat House Solar Lighting Kit is a great way to illuminate your boat house for those evening boat rides. The Lake Lifter waterproof Boat House Solar Lighting Kit is designed to attach to any boat house structure and provides bright light for safe loading and unloading. Installation of the light system is fast and simple. The Boat House Solar Lighting Kit features a durable waterproof aluminum control box and a waterproof connect system for all the wiring. High-powered 10 watt LED modules provide ultra bright illumination and the traditional wall switch offers easy access. To add on additional lighting modules, please check out our Boat House Solar Add-On Light

The Boat House Solar Lighting Kit is constructed to last using only the best materials to withstand harsh marine environments and UV radiation. The easily-adjustable anodized aluminum mounting arm resists corrosion and has the strength to withstand high winds and storms. Furthermore, Lake Lifter manufactures the highest quality solar panels available and are rated for 20+years life! With an emphasis on CELL quality, reliability, and longevity, Boat House Solar Lighting Kit meets the highest customer standards. Our panels feature monocrystalline cells, a superior solar technology when it comes to efficiency. Superb low lighting performance, these single-crystal, silicon cell panels have a long lifespan, high durablility, and high reliability. These modules are sealed with low iron temper glass and anodized aluminum alloy frames. This kit includes our powerful 10w-12v solar panel which is more than adequate to recharge the battery used to power the 10w LED light or multiple lights. 

Additional lighting units can be added to expand the lighting capacity. 


Boat House Solar Lighting Kit Key Features & Benefits

Waterproof System w/16ft of wire per light

Fits Any Boat House 

Super Bright LEDs

Waterproof LEDs

Fast & Easy Installation

Flexible Design

Provides Safety at Night

Expandable For Multiple LED Units

Highly Efficient

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