12v Trolling Motor Battery Solar Charging Kits

12v Trolling Motor Battery Solar Charging Kit

Keep your trolling motor battery in top condition and ready to use at any time with Lake Lite's Trolling Motor Battery Solar Charging Kit. Our more advanced charging kit, the 12v Trolling Motor Battery Solar Charging Kit is the perfect charge for 12v trolling motor battery systems. The added power of Lake Lite's Trolling Motor Battery Charging Kit ensures better performance even on cloudy days allowing for higher useage. Our high quality solar panel will keep your trolling motor battery in top condition so the trolling motor is ready to use at any time to ensure a satisfying day of fishing.  Illustrated instructions ensure fast and simple installation. All kits include our Solar Charge Regulator with a user-convenient LED that shows the charge status to let you know the regulator is working and the State Of Charge (SOC) on the battery.