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60w-36v Solar Panel & Wiring Kit

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60 Watt - 36 v Solar Panel Charging Kit

Lake Lite's Solar Panel Charging Kit comes equipped with a unique wiring kit to simplify installation and have a multitude of battery charging applications including campers, RVs, tractors, ATV's, farming equipment and many more. This all-inclusive kit will have you charging batteries in no time!

This simple, easy-to-use Solar Panel Charging Kit is the perfect solution to keeping your batteries fully charged. Dual quick-connect system, in-line diode system and in-line fuse protects your battery from discharge, while also preventing panel damage in the event of inadvertent wiring. This fail-safe wiring kit provides confidence and ease of installation.

Furthermore, Lake Lite's manufactures the highest quality solar panels available and are rated for 20+ years life! With an emphasis on CELL quality, reliability, and longevity, Lake Lite's Solar Panel Charging Kit meets the highest customer standards. Our panels feature monocrystalline cells, a superior solar technology when it comes to efficiency. Superb low lighting performance, these single-crystal, silicon cell panels have a long lifespan, high durability, high reliability. These modules are sealed with low iron tempered glass and anodized aluminum alloy frames

For added convenience, add a solar charge regulator to monitor the status of battery charge (see the tab for Recommended Products). A user-friendly green LED shows the charge status to lets you know the regulator is working. Solar charge regulators come in two sizes. The 12 volt solar charge regulator is for 12v panel systems, the 24volt regulator is used on 24v panel systems and the 36volt regulator is used on the 36v panel systems.

Lake Lite also specializes in developing custom solar panels to fit your application. If you are interested in a special Solar Panel Charging Kit size, wattage, voltage, or shape, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist.

Solar Panel Charging Kit Key Features & Benefits

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Tempered Glass

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Diode Technology


Anti-Reflective Glass


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