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12v/24v Inline Battery Status Indicator

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Inline Battery Status Indicator

Lake Lite's Inline Battery Status Indicator is the perfect solution for monitoring the charge level of your boat lift batteries.  Automatically adjusts to 12v or 24v systems. The LED will display if the system is working at 12v or 24v and display the charge level acordingly. 

The LEDs will illuminate constantly while connected to the battery or batteries. 

The unit will approximate the percentage charge of your battery from >25%, >50%, >75% to 100%. Compatible with Lead Acid/AGM/Gel batteries, any size or type. 

This indicator is simple and fast way to keep an eye on your boat lift battery levels. This unit is waterproof and features a new, sleek, inline design compatible with Lake Lites new HD solar & boat lift wiring products.  


Inline Battery Status Indicator Key Features & Benefits

Works with 12v/24v Battery Systems

Instant Display

Maintenance Free


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