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DC Integrated Boat Lift Wireless Direct Drive Motor & 5k Winch Box

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DC Integrated Boat Lift Wireless Direct Drive Motor & 5k Winch Box

Welcome to LAKE LIFTER, where we offer the strongest and most precise fully integrated direct drive boat lift motor and winch boxes in the industry. Our new DC Integrated Boat Lift Wireless Direct Drive Motor & 5k Winch Box is built to exceed expectations and are now available in both 5k and 7.5k lifting capacity models.

The DC Integrated Boat Lift Wireless Direct Drive Motor & 5k Winch Box is crafted with precision machined and extruded design, providing exceptional strength and durability that you won't find in any other product on the market. Equipped with a range of advanced features including voice prompts, UP & DN limits, and low-voltage alarms ensuring ultimate control and protection for your boat lift system. With our innovative EV1 voice prompt technology, setting limits to prevent potential damage to the winch box, cable, boat, or boat lift is easy. EV1 voice assistance technology is fully integrated and easily controlled by our Wireless Key Fobs, making too easy to operate.

Our winch boxes are built with memory that "remembers" the upper and lower positions for future use, ensuring that the winch stops at the exact limits every time, with zero drift. This intelligent EV1 smart technology is designed to stop at the exact limits, regardless of any slight variations in motor speed affected by voltage, persons, or weight on the boat lift. The 5k model features a 5/16" grooved drum, while the 7.5k model features a 3/8" grooved drum. Grooved drums and limits ensure long-lasting cables, preventing cable slack and cable "pop".

DC Integrated Direct Drive Wireless Boat Lift Motor & 5k Winch Box is quick and easy to install and can be powered by either AC or DC input and fits almost ANY brand boat lift. Our integrated winch boxes also come with Wireless Remote Key Fobs, providing you with easy and convenient control. Additionally, our all-weather electronic enclosure and motor condensation protection makes our winch boxes a reliable option for use in any environment.

At LAKE LIFTER, we stand behind the quality of our products and offer a 2-year manufacturer warranty to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our winch boxes are designed to be SAFER, FASTER, and STRONGER, with a range of features that are unmatched by any other product on the market. With features like EV1 digital intelligence, audio voice guidance, auto-stop function, digital UP & DN limits, limit drift protection, auto-run mode and protection, auto-stop function, and low-voltage alarms, our winch boxes provide the level of precision and control that you need to keep your boat safe and secure. Don't settle for anything less than the best, upgrade your boating experience with LAKE LIFTER'S DC Integrated Wireless Direct Drive Boat Lift Motor & 5k Winch Box.

Integrated Boat Lift Wireless Direct Drive Motor & 5k Winch Box Key Features:

Quick & Easy Installation

DC Power Input

Wireless Remote Key Fobs

5k or 7.5k Lifting Capacities

Standard or Custom Mounting

All Weather Electronics Enclosure

Motor Condensation Protection

2 Year MFG Warranty

EV1 Digital Intelligence

Audio Voice Guidance

Auto-Stop Function

Digital UP & DN Limits

Limit drift Protection

Auto-Run Mode

Auto-Run Protection

Low Voltage Alarm

Integrated Boat Lift Wireless Direct Drive Motor & 5k Winch Box Includes:

Wireless Key Fobs (1-Pair)

Custom Extrusion Mount (if requested)

2-Year MFG Warranty

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