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Solar Charge Indicator

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Solar Charge Status Indicator

The Solar Charge Indicator takes the guess work out of knowing if your solar panel is actually charging your battery or not. The LED will illuminate when the solar panel is charging the battery. When a current starts flowing from the solar panel to the battery or batteries the LED will illuminate indicating the system is charging. The LED will not illuminate at nighttime as there is no power from the solar panel and the battery is not charging.


NOTE: The Solar Charge Status Indicator is NOT a solar charge regulator: It does not prevent over-charging of batteries. This device only works with smaller panels with less than 1A output which generally do not overcharge marine deep cycle batteries. The Solar Charge Status Indicator simply provides an indicator LED to let users know the system is working. For overcharge protection combined with charging status and battery level we recommend our advanced Solar Charge Regulators 12v models Here, or our 24v models Here.


Limited to 1A max charging power and works with 12v or 24v charging systems. NOTE: 24v Panels must be used to charge a 24v Battery and 12v Panels must be used to charge 12v batteries.

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