2pk Solar Dock Post Lights attached video

Solar Dock Post Lights
4X brigther and longer lasting than solar garden lights! The Solar Dock Lite™ v5 is a great way to light up your dock or pier. During the day the solar panel collects the sun's energy and charges the batteries. At nightfall, Solar Dock Lite's sensor automatically turns on the super bright LED. With multiple units your dock will provide an elegantly lit pathway for all to walk on. This unit is hands free and energy efficient! Lasts 18+ hours on a full charge and is brighter than conventional solar garden lights! Yes it lasts all night! Just place it on your dock post and you are ready to go! WHAT DO THEY LOOK LIKE? Check out our SLIDESHOW!

Your dock was an expensive investment and we encourage you to protect it from unwanted boating collisions. Lining your dock with Dock Lites isn't just for looks. It adds safety as well. Ask your insurance company about discounts on your umbrella insurance for protecting your dock with Solar Dock Lites™!